Saturday, June 20, 2009

And So We Jump

At the culmination of each moment we find the end of something. Every person reaches a nearly innumerable amount of these moments. As if the end of a nerve, this is the point in which we feel the most. They afford clarity and reflection. Sure the journey is full of ends of this, and ends of that, but at the precipice of we find the time in which we truly feel. However long or short, good or bad, monumental or minimal, our souls are alive at these ends. Whether we have lost love, or won the lottery, they all fall at the end of a path. We live for these ends. I know that most people would not wish to have heartbreak or despair but the honest truth is that we needs these moments. They are God's perfect framing devices for the good in our lives. Search your memory for the times when everything was good, or bad for a significant period. I challenge you to tell me in detail about those times. My best guess is an uninspired, abridged version of your day-to-day. But when asked about a heartbreak or a game winning shot, your words will flow over the spill gates with exquisite and passionate detail. Instantaneously transforming an average vocabulary to that of a poet or theologian. The instant prior to reaching the top of the mountain we look back. See the path in which we have come and in that moment, we are emotionally satisfied. I once heard it said that the joy of victory is no where close to the pain of defeat. Joy is immediate and amazing, however, pain is equally intense and lingers. But we crave both. Subconsciously or openly we want to fall. Because we love the journey. Without the root like connections of our nervous system we could not feel the sensation at nerve's end. A broken bone, or the touch of a love's hand in yours, both are made possible by the connections and intricacies of a system. When we lament lost love we are simultaneously gracious for this pain. Knowing that we feel this way because at some previous moment we had felt the inverse. We had been on top of the mountain and tasted the air of victory. And having reached that pinnacle, we jumped, back to the bottom, back to the pain, back to the hurt, just so we could feel again, so we could remember why we climb all the way to the top in the first place.