Friday, December 11, 2009


Dear Tiger (Edlrick...Lets use your big-boy name)
You will probably never recover from this. Sure you may win more tournaments and have a few more green jackets hanging in Augusta's closets, but your image has been irreversibly damaged.
You had it all.
The world was your play ground and well you played the world for many years.
You had us fooled.
I mean we all saw your child-like temper tantrums on the course but off it(?) were a saint. You had a beautiful wife, a couple children, an amazing foundation that was/is doing great work for children, a million-dollar smile (literally), and beyond amazing skills at your chosen profession. But much like many of your celebrity fraternity brothers it all wasn't enough. Sure I guess your type of addiction didn't cost you you're literal life, but figuratively it may have.
From the moment that Cadillac Escalade's front bumper stuck bark and the virtual media lock box of your life was opened for the world to see, your future has been changed.
No longer do parents tell their kids to "watch how this golfer plays and carries himself off the course, THAT's the way you should strive to be as an adult." No longer will Nike be proud to produce commercials were people of all ages and races make the claim "I am Tiger Woods."
But you know, lets not just destroy this man completely without setting a presidense for his behavior.
Enter one Kobe Bryant.
In the summer of 2003, Kobe Bryant was accused of raping a young woman in a Colorado hotel. Without going into a ton of detail on this case, suffice to say Kobe was aqquited of rape but admitted to infidelity and apologized to his wife, fans, teammates, etc. (one of which got a multi-million dollar ring...if you don't know which one I wont spoil the surprise for you). But the difference here is this Tiger. Kobe made a mistake, and as far as we know it was not a regular occurrence, but who knows. The point is that you Mr. Woods cheated on your wife with what some sources are claiming to be upwards of 12 women. 12 women. Enough said. That takes things to a completely different realm of cheating.
I was contemplating this entire circus of events earlier and I was reminded of an episode of the Jay Leno Show on NBC a couple months back. The guest was Kanye West. It happened to be the day after Kanye had jumped onto the stage at the MTV Music Awards when Taylor Swift was accepting her "moon man" and proceeded to tell the crowd that Beyonce actually deserved the award.
Leno first thanked Kanye for not canceling his appearance on the show due to the previous day's events and then allowed Kanye to publicly apologize, etc. The next part of the show is where I think Tiger needs to pay attention.
And before I tell the next part of this story let me preface it with a similarity between Mr. Woods and Mr. West. Both of them had a close connection with parents who have passed away. Kanye with his mother and Tiger with his father. That said, what Leno asked next was profound and bold in my opinion. He turned to Kanye and simply asked, "Kanye, what do you think your mother would have thought about [last nights events]." Wow. That had to be quite the shock for Kanye to hear, and I can't imagine he could have seen it coming. Leno got the response I expect he was fishing for. Kanye broke down and began to cry. Actually kind of a moving sequence.
So Tiger, here is my question (and you don't have to be a profit to know what its going to be). How do you think your father would feel about all of this? Do you think he would be proud? Do you think that he would rather have arguably the best professional golfer of all-time as a son, or one who is a honest, hardworking, faithful husband, father, and friend? I know what I would say if I were the late Woods.
People have forgotten for the most part about Kobe and his "discretions" but the bad news for you Tiger is that your whole life you have taken things to a level that most can't even imagine, this time it just happened to be adultery.
The most ironic part of this entire situation to me is this. Tiger, you play a sport where people will go to the utmost lengths to be honest. Players will take a penalty stroke that costs them the tournament because the ball moves a quarter inch when they address it. There aren't refs closely examining every sequence like in many other sports, but in golf the player is given burden of integrity.
By the stats you are one of the, if not the, best at this sport, and yet off the links you are a cheater. Simply a cheater. In no way do you deserve to call what you did anything else but cheating. "Discretions", "Infidelity", it all boils down to the same ugly thing, so lets do our best to call the putt like we see it and maybe introduce a new paradigm of honesty Mr. Woods.
You'll be 34-years-old at the end of this month Tiger, and there is no time better than the present to grow up; on the course and more importantly, off.
Oh and P.S. I used to be a huge fan of yours.

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  1. Grant,
    I do understand what you are saying however I am sick and tired of people reaming Tiger for things that are not our business. So he made some mistakes; he is now taking care of it like a responsible adult. He is now taking a hiatus and recovering with his family. Who are we (media, society etc.) to be bashing Tiger for things that are not our business.

    When this blows over and Tiger starts playing golf I will still support him fully, I will cheer for him, and when I have kids I will let them know of his legacy. The scandel.....not our business, everyone makes mistakes some bigger than others. The important thing is that he's taking care of his family and moving forward. I think he's being more responsible by not talking to the media. I don't need a interview statement from him, media doesn't deserve one, and it isn't societies business. In the end, I am a huge fan of Tiger Woods and I will continue to be a huge fan of Tiger Woods.

    P.S. Hope all is well man, we need to get together again soon. Let me know if you're around in Bellingham! (I'm using Courtney's blogging site cause I don't have one)

    -Eric Grimstad