Thursday, May 21, 2009

An old post I pulled from MySpace called "Notes and Heart"

A song. The composition of sounds all forming a feeling. More than the noise, it breaths life into a moment. Making you feel alive. Etching the most finite of details forever into your memory banks. Floating on the air like a butterfly carrying the songs of many lessons, lives, and loves. Unknowingly the listener writes a diary of that moment. Subconsciously putting down the words, letter by letter. Immediately filed into a special place in both the brain and the heart. No matter the days that pass, the situations that change or the heartbreak that may happen you will always have those secret diaries. Buried until the first note hits, falls as if the initial drop of a rainstorm. Cueing the rush of emotions exploding from deep within your heart. The song plays and you fade back to the moment, the day, the feeling, the love. As if pulled by the weight of these memories, your eyes gently close. No longer are you in the present, but transported to a place of dreams. A moment that for a very specific reason was logged into these journals. This beautiful stream of words and notes combining to form a song? No, these beautiful words and notes combining to form a life, a moment, an emotion, a love, all of which transcend a mere song. No longer is the meaning in the words of the vocals, but in the words of the heart.

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